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Beyond the traditional crushing theory, PLS Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher was designed by our company firstly in China as a new-type of crusher, which has filled the gap of the national crushing industry at that time. Since the first one was introduced into the market, it brought about a big revolution to the crushing industry for rock and mining material. It has the features of low cost, good adaptability and throughout, wide application etc. Until now the company sold thousands of the machines in China as well as overseas in many industries with good reputation.



1. The design of deep cavity makes more space for the impeller which can improve the efficiency.

2. Reasonable inner structure makes the material protect itself, which makes the life of the impeller longer. And the cost will be lower.

3. There are different speeds (high, medium, low) to choose which can fully show the efficiency of the machine. It has the function of crushing, sand making and shape making.

4. The wear plate and hardfacing protect the impeller and make it safe and life long.

5. Higher accuracy of manufacture makes the anti-unbalanced ability of the impeller better.

6. The wear parts are standard modularity. It is convenient for maintenance.

Model Max. Feed Size(mm) Impeller Speed(r/min) Power(kw) Capacity(t/h) Weight(kg)
PLS-550 30 2258-2600 30-45 24-60 4780
PLS-700 35 1775-1965 55-110 55-120 7500
PLS-850 50 1320-1720 150-320 75-345 11500
PLS-1000 60 1240-1460 320-500 200-585 17000
PLS-1200 60 1040-1300 500-630 300-715 22650


PLS vertical impact crusher

PLS applications

  • Slip Liner

    Slip Liner

  • Impeller Assembly

    Impeller Assembly

  • Cone Hat

    Cone Hat

  • Lower Runner Liner

    Lower Runner Liner

PLS Series Vertical Impact Crusher Spares

PLS Series Vertical Impact Crusher Assembling

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