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Advantages of Single-Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher as Ore Crushing Equipment

author:dahua1 time:2018-12-20

1. Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher particle size is more uniform:

Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher in the design of the use of the unique shape of the crushing chamber and laminated crushing principle, the crushing effect between the particles, so that the proportion of cube in the finished product significantly increased, the number of needle flake gravel, particle size is more uniform;

2. Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher production capacity:

High swing frequency large inclination steep slope design, so that the throughput of single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is 40% larger than the ordinary cone, in addition, the feeding port of the machine is larger than the ordinary cone crusher, so it will be doomed to the time production capacity of the machine is higher than the general cone crusher equipment;

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3. The high degree of automation of the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher:

Compared with the old version of the spring cone crusher, the new single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher can automatically adjust the size of the discharge opening without stopping the machine, and can also be equipped with a computer control system for remote operation;

4. Single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher energy saving and environmental protection is good:

The same capacity comparison, single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher energy consumption per unit time lower.