DHM Series High Pressure Grinding Roll is a newly crushing and grinding equipment with wide adaptability for fine and superfine material process. Working together with the presetting crushing pressure,the two crushing rollers will be pushed in the opposite running directions by using the hydraulic cylinder with accumulator in order to ensure the stability of crushing pressure during the whole processing.


1. Applied the high pressure crushing mechanism, the machine will have the higher crushing efficiency, lager crushing ratio and wider adaptability.

2. To adjust the clearance of roll surface automatically, so it can keep the crushing force constancy and makes the better grain shape and more fine granularity.

3. The high wear-resistant alloy materials and embedded structure of liners for the roller surface, which extend its service life and make easy replacement without dismantling.


Model Roll Dimension Motor Reducer Max. Pressure

Roll Speed


Feed Size


Processing Capacity








Pole Model Speed Ratio





DHM800/500 800 500 2×132 4P Planetary gear 49.505 10 18 30.1 18 70-120
DHM1000/625 1000 625 2×315 4P Planetary gear 59.878 10 18 24.9 25 120-250
DHM1200/750 1200 750 2×500 6P Planetary gear 45.373 10 18 21.8 30 200-390
DHM1500/900 1500 900 2×710 6P Planetary gear 46.948 10 18 21.1 36 320-630

Remark: The capacity and granularity distribution should be affected by the feed size, hardness of materials, moisture and clay content.


DHM Series High Pressure Grinding Roll


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