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Analysis of Causes of Noise and Vibration of Hydraulic System of Sand Making Machine

author:dahua1 time:2019-01-21

In the production of sand making machine, the abnormality of the hydraulic system will cause the stop of equipment production or the occurrence of fault, so the fault phenomenon of the hydraulic system needs to be dealt with timely, here is to introduce the phenomenon of the system voice and vibration, what causes the problem.

Sand making machine under the changing of market demand, the need to constantly improve, according to different requirements, in need of improvement scheme is different, the use of hydraulic system, can reduce equipment mainly at the time of use, degree of complicated operation, reduce the labor input, it can not only reduce the manual operation error, still can reduce the cost of human labor, but in the use of hydraulic system, also can appear problem, here is to introduce the sand making machine hydraulic system why can appear the phenomenon of noise and vibration.

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1. The parts are loose or worn seriously

Due to the wear and tear of internal parts during the working of the sand making machine, the performance of the equipment will be degraded. If the worn parts are not replaced in time, the equipment will be loosened and the sound will be generated. The way to deal with the phenomenon is to check the sand making machine in time. The first thing to check is whether the screw is loose or not. If necessary, it needs to be tightened in time, and the damaged parts need to be replaced in time to ensure the working performance of the equipment;

2. Hydraulic system into the air

If the suction pipe of the sand making machine enters the air, it will cause the sound and vibration of the hydraulic system. This is because once the air enters the suction pipe; it is easy to cause the oil pump blade stuck or the plunger plug stuck;

In addition to the above two reasons, the vibration of sand making machine hydraulic system is stronger than a relationship with the pipe, then the oil flow speed is also causes of vibration, and so on the different reasons, need timely processing, recover the performance of hydraulic system, to guarantee the smooth sand making machine work.