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Analysis of Common Failures and Causes of Cone Crusher

author:dahua1 time:2020-03-03

1.Cracking sound when breaking ore

main reason:

The working mechanism of the cone crusher is composed of a crushing cone with a liner and an adjusting ring. A layer of zinc alloy is cast between the cone of the crushing cone and its liner, and between the liner and the adjusting ring.

At the same time, it is hung on the adjustment ring by a U-shaped screw through a hook on the lining plate to ensure a tight connection. During the operation of the crusher, when the crushing cone or the liner of the adjusting ring is loose, the cracking sound of the crushed ore will occur.

2. The crusher often vibrates

main reason:

1) For spring cone breaking, when the spring tension of the crusher is not enough, the crusher will often vibrate.

2) When the feeding of the crusher is uneven or excessive, it will often cause the crusher to vibrate.

3) When there is too much fine ore in the feed of the crusher and it is wet, the ore discharge port of the crusher is small, causing the ore discharge at the ore discharge port to be often blocked, which causes the crusher to vibrate frequently.

3. Worn large and small bevel gears, broken teeth

main reason:

1) The normal meshing conditions of the bevel gear are damaged

2) Rigid connection transmission

3) Crossing iron frequently or being bitten by a large block

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4. Poor quality of lubricating oil

main reason:

During the operation of the crusher, when the water seal and dustproof device is not tightly sealed, a large amount of dust will enter the lubricating oil in the body, which will rapidly deteriorate the oil quality of the lubricating oil, cause poor lubrication and cause large and small bevel gears. Accidents such as beating teeth, high-speed rotation of the moving cone, and holding the shaft also greatly reduce the service life of the lubricant.

5.The crusher has strong vibration, and the moving cone autobiography is fast

main reason:

When the cone crushing motorized cone rotates at a high speed beyond the normal speed, the phenomenon of "flying" often occurs. After the “speeding” fault, the revolution of the moving cone was too high, which would cause the oil temperature of the lubricating oil to rise, but the oil pressure to decrease; the current of the motor increased.

The temperature of the bush at the moving cone and the eccentric shaft also rises sharply; the splash of lubricating oil inside the machine is thrown around, and the lubrication condition is deteriorated; the water seal is broken, and water in the fuel tank. "Flying car" failure will cause the crusher to vibrate strongly, the main shaft to be hugged, and tile breaking.

6. There is a strong impact sound, the support sleeve jumps up and then works normally

main reason:

The spring is the safety device of the crusher. When the crusher falls into the non-crushed object, the support ring and adjustment ring supported on the spring strive to lift up and compress the spring, thereby increasing the drainage gap and allowing the non-crushed object to pass through. The mine mouth is discharged. At this time, a severe impact sound will be emitted from the crusher, and the support sleeve will jump up, and then work normally.

However, when the iron is frequent or bitten by a large block, it often causes the spring to fail, resulting in damage to the parts. The degree of progress of the spring has a great impact on the normal operation of the crusher.