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Classification for the Mine Conveying Equipment

author:dahua time:2016-06-20

Mine conveying equipments not only the indispensable part of the mine machinery, but also the necessary part for sand making machine, grinding machine and complete equipment. What are the mine conveying equipment?

1. Bucket elevator  The materials are fed from the bottom of the elevator, and then are lifted to the top of the machine by a series of hopper, finally be discharged. The hopper, traction component, walking parts, main wheel, and tail pulley are all installed inside the closed cover.

2. Spiral conveyer  Spiral conveyor has the feature of simple structure, less area occupation, easy for multipoint charging and discharging. But this kind of conveyor has large running resistance, more power consumption than other conveyor, and the parts are easier to be worn. 

3. Plate chain bucket elevator  The transportation of the materials are relying on the tooth of head drive sprocket stirring the plate chain. The hopper running speed is slow, which is suitable for conveying the materials with temperature below 250℃, large density, chunk of materials, like coal, limestone, cement clinker.

4. Belt conveyer  Belt conveyor is a kind of machinery that driving through friction to make continuous movement, which is composed of conveyor, roller, drum, driving device, breaking device, loading and unloading device, as well as sweeping device etc.

5. Chain conveyer  Chain conveyer uses chain to drag, or the lath, metal net, and roller to carry the conveyer.

6. Hydraulic lift platform   It is widely used in various industries like automobile, container, mould making, wood processing, and chemical filling to meet the different lifting requirement for different working height.