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What Are the Commissioning Requirements of Jaw Crusher?

author:dahua time:2018-11-23

Jaw crusher is the main crushing machine in primary crushing process. The good commissioning can make the machine running well. What are the commissioning requirements of jaw crusher? Before the test-run, load test run, in this text, we will talk about it.

jc jaw crusher

① Before the test-run, each bearing and moving part should be filled with the lubrication oil, and each connecting bolt should be tightened well.

②The motor should be test-run separately, and hanging up the v-belt without any problem.

③ The highest temperature of rolling bearings should not exceed 65 ℃ when take no-load test run for 3 to 4 hours, and the appropriate work temperature is 45-50 ℃. The highest temperature of sliding bearings should not exceed 60 ℃, and the appropriate work temperature is 35-45 ℃. Base vibration quantity does not exceed 0.2 -0.5 mm/m.

jaw crusher

④ Load test running for 7-8 hours.

a) The size of ore materials that added into the jaw crusher are no more than 80% of the feed opening. When the large ore is stuck into the inlet, the machine should be stopped immediately, and then use the drill to smash ore into small pieces. Do not hit directly with hammer to avoid damage to the parts.

b) Should pay attention to the temperature and operating conditions of each bearing all the time during the test-run.

c) When loading run is running normally, before starting production, the connecting bolt of all parts should be tightened again.

d) The width of discharge opening should be adjusted according to the required discharging granularity. Adjustment method: firstly loose tension spring nuts, and then turn the adjusting nuts with wrench to make the oblique wedge iron rising (the outlet becomes smaller) or declining (the outlet becomes bigger), finally tighten the tension spring nuts, and start the motor when everything is confirmed.

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