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Common Breakdown and Elimination Methods of the Impact Crusher

author:dahua1 time:2018-11-02

Method to eliminate the possibility of failure of failure causes vibration quantity increase abruptly, replacing or mounting plate hammer, the rotor is not well balanced, reinstall the plate hammer, rotor balancing correction discharging is too big, due to the plate and plate hammer wear too much, cause the gap is too big, or replaced by adjusting the back frame before and after clearance plate and plate hammer tapping machine inside.

The rotor is not well balanced

1. Materials that cannot be broken enter the machine;

2. The lining fastener is loose, and the hammer hits the lining;

3. The hammer or other parts are broken.

Elimination method:

1. Clean the broken cavity after parking;

2. Check the fastening of the liner and the clearance between the hammer and the liner;

3. Replace the broken parts.

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Bearing temperature is too high

1. Excessive or insufficient grease;

2, the grease is dirty;

3. Bearing damage.

Elimination methods:

1. Check whether the grease is adequate;

2. Replace the grease after cleaning the bearing;

3. Replace the bearing.