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Crusher Maintenance, how to guarantee the Crusher Performance in Winter?

author:dahua time:2019-10-14

Recently, the temperature plummeted, not only under light rain, the lowest temperature in some areas is falling below 0℃. Then, whether the low temperature environment has impact on the performance of the crusher? How to ensure that the crusher can run smoothly in the cold environment in winter? Low temperature in winter, not only will greatly reduce the service life of the crusher, but also more easily make the crusher lubricating oil and water frozen. Therefore, before entering the winter, it is best to carry out a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the crusher, to ensure that the crushing machinery can safely in winter, so as not to cause problems on the production of the machine. So how to maintain the crusher in winter?

crusher maintenance in winter

1. Bearing maintenance

In ore crushing, grinding production, due to wear and tear, the crusher bearing is the easiest to damage, therefore, in the use process, must pay attention to maintenance, often refueling, extend the service life of the bearing, save maintenance and replacement costs.

2. Cleaning of crusher

Cleaning the appearance of the diesel engine, chassis, working device of the crusher can play the role of decontamination, in the cleaning process can also find the damage of each device, parts and leakage of oil parts, for the next step maintenance to do a good job in the early stage. Do not use high pressure and high temperature water gun to wash the parts with high waterproof requirements, especially electrical parts, so as not to cause damage.

3. Selection of hydraulic oil

The temperature for open-pit mine machinery in summer and winter change is very big, some areas also has big temperature gap between day and night, so the lubricating oil viscosity should change with temperature changes, both to avoid in high temperature, oil viscosity too low, so can't form the lubrication film, even don't wake the lubrication effect, and to avoid at the low temperature with high viscosity, so that the starting and operating difficulties.

4. Lubrication system maintenance

Often pay attention to and timely do a good job of friction surface lubrication work, can ensure the normal operation of the crusher, prolong the service life of the equipment, therefore, the maintenance of the lubrication system cannot be ignored. The specific maintenance details are as follows: the grease added to the bearing seat should be 50-70% of the volume, and must be replaced every three months; When changing oil, apply clean gasoline or kerosene to carefully clean the track of bearing roller; When the bracket and bracket pad contact, the crusher must be injected with lubricating oil before starting.

crusher performance in winter

5. Daily maintenance

In addition to the maintenance of bearing, lubrication system and other important parts, the daily maintenance of the crusher equipment is also essential. In daily production, be sure to do regular maintenance, correctly handle the relationship between use, repair and maintenance, are not allowed to only use without maintenance or only repair, to make the crusher performance always in good condition, can be put into operation at any time, reduce downtime, and prolong the service life of equipment, to ensure continuous and efficient production, to achieve the ultimate goal of increase productivity.

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