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Customer to the factory site inspection

author:dahua1 time:2019-03-22

On the morning of June 8, Mr. Feng, a customer from Hebei Province, accompanied by the leaders of our company, visited the Rick Cycle Technology of Luoyang Dahua Branch. It is reported that the customer learned from the Internet that Luoyang Rick Cycle is a professional second-hand mining equipment remanufacturing enterprise, and we contacted us and conducted a site visit. After arriving at the company, the customer visited the company's production grass room and Rick's machine shop, assembly workshop and laser cladding workshop under the leadership of Ma manager and sales manager. The customer spoke highly of the production process and site management of our company.

Mr. Liang, the sales manager of Rick Company, contacted with the customer immediately after receiving the e-commerce information. After the customer arrived at the company, he received a high evaluation from Mr. Feng. The purpose of this visit is to equip the production line with great satisfaction with the quality, production capacity and scale of our company. It means that Rick's equipment will be given priority under the same conditions.

The Luoyang Rick cycle always strives for survival by quality and service tree benchmarking. As a professional mining equipment remanufacturing company, under the leadership of the group company, Rick people will continue to improve their own quality, aiming at building a domestic first-class remanufacturing enterprise, with exquisite remanufacturing technology and strong equipment manufacturing capabilities. To meet the various needs of customers.

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