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Daily Maintenance of Vibrating Feeder

author:dahua time:2017-05-26

Vibrating feeder is more common in the combination plant of screening machine in metallurgy, coal mine, ore beneficiation and chemical industry. It is featured with easy operation, small size, and strong adaptability for various types of materials, as well as has stable amplitude and operation. How to maintain the vibrating feeder in daily life?
1. At the beginning of the operation of the equipment, it is necessary to inspect the fastening of the spring compression bolts and adjusting bolts for electromagnet air gap.
2. The installation of vibrating feeder is based on the needed materials property. Different materials need different installation angle, so as to bring people need different maintenance methods
3. During working condition, the operator could not increase the current without permission. If the amplitude is too big, the blade spring will break, and the lifetime will be shorten.
4. Before using the feeder should carefully check the amplitude, current and noise. If found abnormal phenomenon, must handle in time, to ensure the normal operation of machinery.
5. Regularly check the clearance between electromagnet and armature, especially after retightening the compression bolt of blade spring, must clean the irony and debris.