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Difference between Cone Crusher and Impact Crusher

author:dahua time:2021-08-17

Cone crusher and impact crusher are commonly used crushing equipment, so what are the differences between then, how to select? This paper analyzes the difference between cone crusher and impact crusher from the following aspects.

1. Different structure

As a secondary crushing equipment, impact crusher and cone crusher obvious difference is the crushing principle and appearance of the structure, it is easy to distinguish.

2. Different working principle

The impact crusher adopts the impact crushing principle, the material is repeatedly broken between the plate hammer and the impact plate.

Cone crusher adopts squeezing, shearing and grinding methods to complete the crushing process. The concave moves to the mantle constantly to squeeze the material, so that it is crushed.

impact crusher for stone crushing

3. Different scope of application

Impact crusher and cone crusher can be used as secondary crushing equipment, but the hardness of the material is not the same.

Cone crusher is mainly used to break some hard materials, such as granite, basalt, tuff, pebble and so on.

Impact crusher used to break small hardness, brittle materials, such as limestone, river stone, etc.

4. Different discharge granularity

The two kinds of crusher equipment are different in the granularity of the crushed material. Generally speaking, the discharge granularity of cone crusher is finer than the impact crusher.

In the actual production process, cone crusher is used in the mineral processing process, and impact crusher is used in building materials and construction engineering.

5. Different grain types of finished products

Impact crusher has good particle shape, the finished product has fewer edges and corners; Cone crusher has many needle - shaped pieces in the finished products.

cone crusher high capacity

6. Different handling capacity

Compared with impact crusher, cone crusher has the characteristics of low energy consumption, large output and stable production, so cone crusher is often used in large-scale high-yield production line operations.

7. Different input costs

The price of cone crusher is more expensive than that of impact crusher, but its wearing parts have a long life, which avoids the frequent replacement of parts. In the long run, the cost performance of cone crusher is higher than that of impact crusher.

The early purchase cost of impact crusher is low, but the later maintenance cost is high; Cone crusher has high upfront cost and low later input cost.

8. Different levels of pollution

The noise pollution and dust pollution of impact crusher are large, and the pollution of cone crusher is small.

Crushing equipment plays a vital role in the configuration of construction sand and stone aggregate production line. Reasonable equipment configuration is related to the investment cost, production cost, product quality and product yield of the whole production line.

In summary, impact crusher and cone crusher have their own advantages and disadvantages, the actual production needs to be based on the nature of the material, the size of the material, output and other aspects. Please contact Luoyang Dahua online service stone crusher manufacturer to get latest information and quotation.