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How many Steel Balls are properly for the Ball Mill?

author:dahua time:2017-10-23

The size of steel ball depends on the ore physical and mechanical property and the ore particle size. Following, Luoyang Dahua will talk about the attentions on adding the steel ball into the ball mill.


1. To deal with the coarse ore with big hardness, it needs strong impacting force, and it needs to fill large-sized steel ball. If the ore is small and soft, the products granularity should be fine. It should take grinding as the main method, and add small-sized steel ball.


2. The ball mill at the production site are all added with variety types of steel ball, and the materials composed of different kinds of ores are processed according to the proportion. In theory, only a certain proportion of the balls can be used to meet the particle size of the grinding materials, It can achieve a good grinding effect.


All in all, the proportion of steel ball is a more complicated technical problem. Each dressing plant must carefully analyze its actual situation, and through long-term research and accumulation, they can find the proper ball matching.