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How to Maintain the Vibrating Screen?

author:dahua time:2018-08-06

Vibrating screen is used for the stone classification after crushing process. When the vibrating screen works, the vibrator drives the screen box to make jumping movement. During this process, the material which is smaller than the sieve will drop to the lower layer, while the large size materials are discharged from outlet. How to maintain the vibrating screen?


1. The bearing temperature should not exceed 40℃,the highest temperature should not over 60℃.


2. The vibration of screen should be stable and make sure there is no abnormal swing phenomenon and no loud noise.


3. Regularly check the machine wearing condition. Replace with new ones immediately when parts are worn out.


4. Make regular check whether the screen is loose or not and make sure there is no mineral leakage due to the partial worn out of the screen. 


5. Make sure the bearing part of the screen is well lubricated. When the bearing is well installed and there is no heating, oil leakage phenomenon, please lubricate the bearing every week by using the oil gun. Every two months, please disassemble the bearing shell, cleaning the bearing and injecting the new lubricant.