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How to Operate the Jaw Crusher?

author:dahua1 time:2018-11-06

After installment and adjustment, you can do trial run:

1. Trial run without load

a. Continuous running 2 hour, bearing temperature increase less than 30°C

b. All fasteners must be tight.

c. Flywheel and grooved pulley run smoothly.

d. No abrasion, filings and attrition in all friction parts, no abnormal noise.

e. The range of discharge opening is according to the specification.

2 . Trial run with load

Do trial run with load after first successful trial run.

a. No periodical or obvious impact sound in crusher.

b. The biggest size of the feeding material must accord to specification.

c. Constant running 8 hours for the first time, bearing temperature increase no more than 30°C

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3. The checking before the start-up

1) Check-up the lubrication of bearing, toggle plate and movable jaw, check the contact situation of toggle plate’s gasket, and check if there is enough lube between toggle plate and toggle plate gasket.

2) Adjust all fasteners firmly.

3) Check if flywheel and groove pulley's center position are right. The center of flywheel shaft is on same line (180 degrees) with pulley's shaft center.

4) Check if the transmission belt is installed right, if there is some attrition, change it in time. Clean the belt and wheel if they are dirty.

5) Check if safety device is ok or not, if there is any insecurity; clear it as soon as possible.

6) Ensure crusher chamber hasn't any material and other things.

7) Ensure the shims are installed rightly and compactly.

4. Start-up of the crusher

(1) You can start-up after ensuring the machine ad transmission parts are all right.

(2) This machine must start-up without feeding.

(3) Stop the machine if it’s abnormal. After identifying the problem, you can start-up the crusher.

5. Usage of the crusher

1) Begin to feed materials after running well.

2) Feed materials to crushing chamber evenly, avoid side feeding or stack feeding in case of unilateral overload, load sudden change or block.

3) Stop feeding before stop the crusher, after all the material is discharged, switch off the motor.

4) Crusher stops due to block inside, switch off motor immediately, start the crusher after remove all the materials.

5) If one end of the fixed jaw plate and movable plate is worn-out, reverse and use another end.

6) Fasten all parts periodically.