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How to Prolong the Wear Time of Ball Mill Liner Plate

author:dahua time:2018-12-05

When the ball mill is working, the liner plate will receive the impacting force and grinding force from the steel ball and materials, moreover, it will be corrupted by pulp. At the same time, liner plate suffers the abrasion from mineral, steel ball, machine installation and operation and then be damaged. How to prolong the wear resistance time of ball mill liner plate? Luoyang Dahua provides the following solutions:

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(1) Choose the appropriate steel ball and liner plate. The hardness ration between liner plate and steel ball should be controlled during 0.85-0.9.And the steel ball hardness should be 1.7 times than the grinded coal. 

(2) When the machine is running with low load, we should adjust the feeding quantity of coal according to the actual situation.

(3) The wedge orifice for fixing and fastening should be designed into circular arc to avoid concentrate stress.

(4) Strictly control the coal quality. Reduce the gangue content can effectively enhance the coal's grind ability coefficient,

(5) For the new liner plate, firstly uses low hardness steel ball to operate 1-2 month, after the hardness and toughness of liner plate are improved, using high hardness steel ball to prolong the liner plate service life.

(6) Timely eliminate the machine faults to prevent enlarging the damaged scope so as to ensure the machine unit safety operation.