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How to Reduce the Abrasion of Jaw Plate to Prolong the Service Life of Jaw Crusher?

author:dahua time:2018-03-05

The jaw plate of jaw crusher is one of the wearing parts, and its abrasion brought a lot of maintenance work, which not only wastes time, but also influences the normal production, reduces the enterprise economic benefits. Now, let's take a look at how to reduce the abrasion of jaw plate to prolong its service life.


1. To install wearable liner plate. Since the crushing cavity of jaw crusher composing of movable jaw plate and fixed jaw plate bears huge crushing force and the material friction, we can install wearable jaw plate on the surface of movable and fixed jaw, so as to reduce the friction from the material.


2. To install the jaw plate correctly. When install the jaw plate, we must make sure that the jaw plate is installed correctly and stable to make it contact well with the machine surface. Otherwise, the jaw plate is easy to be shifted during working process, causing the jaw plate to collide with the inner wall of the machine and seriously damaged.


3. The feeding size must be controlled strictly. The abrasion of material properties to jaw plate is obvious, so we should strictly control the feeding size. The oversized particles are forbidden to enter into the machine. In addition, the feeding must be evenly, or else, it may lead the angle of discharging hopper of crushing cavity become big, and the movable plate indirectly contact with materials to damage the jaw plate.


4. No blocking of materials. When the material jams the jaw crusher, the sliding of materials squeezed by the jaw plate is increased, which increases the jaw plate abrasion, and enlarges the nip angle that the materials blocking situation become more serious, forming a vicious cycle.  Therefore, it is necessary to forbid the blockage of the material in the machine and find the blockage to be cleaned in time.


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