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How to choose Steel Slag Mill Machine?

author:dahua time:2018-06-11

According to the statistics, there will be 15% slag per ton of smelted steel, which will cause a serious threat to the environment if these large amounts of wastes are not disposed. The recovery and utilization of steel slag is very important. How to choose steel slag mill machine?


The configuration of steel mill machine is varied. Different configuration and different parts, the price is different. Our company has two kinds of mill machine for steel slag recycle: GMBZ rod mill and ZM Series steel slag autogeneous mill.


GMBZ rod mill realizes the steel slag separation by the grinding medium. The feeding size is 50-100mm, and the discharging size is below 10mm.The separation of steel and slag can be realized by magnetic separation and screening treatment.


ZM Series steel slag autogeneous mill is to crush the materials through mutual striking, which is used for the disposal of materials with feeding size of 100-200mm.


The mill machine manufactured by Luoyang Dahua adopts special processing technology, frequency control feeding, special spray lubrication device, PLC control and has the advantage of easy maintenance, long service life. For more information, please visit or contact