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How to decrease the Dust Pollution of Crusher Machine?

author:dahua time:2019-05-30

During working processing, crusher will generate a large amount of dust, it not only pollutes the air environment, but also harmful for the workers health. How to reduce the dust pollution of crusher machine?

Firstly, in the presetting process of dressing plant, the customer should try to surround the plant with garden green belt, so as to reduce the outward diffusion of dust.

crusher dust treatment

Secondly, according to the characteristic of dust production in crusher workshop, local ventilation or comprehensive ventilation technology can be used to improve the air environment. At the same time, wet production (such as installing spray device to keep the site moist) can be used instead of dry production to reduce dust pollution. Moreover, the dust source points of feeding and discharging part are sealed, and dust is extracted by fan to ensure the purification treatment of the whole system.

Finally, special wind shield (or windbreak facilities) can be set up around the plant to reduce the possibility of dust from the wind.

Luoyang Dahua, the crusher machine manufacturer, pays attention to the environmental protection, green crusher development, and solution design. In the dust control aspect has rich practical experience, each production line is equipped with the closure cover based on the customer requirement, reduce the dust emission and pollution.