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How to effectively reduce the Dust Pollution of Jaw Crusher?

author:dahua time:2019-11-28

Autumn and winter are the high incidence of heavy pollution weather, comprehensive pollution control is a problem facing by all enterprises. At present, many enterprises, such as quarry stone crushing are open operations, in the loading and unloading, production and transportation operations, it will produce a lot of dust, seriously polluted the surrounding environment. With the increasingly strict requirements for environmental protection, enterprises will be shut down, closed, or even banned if they fail to meet the standards of dust pollution control. Therefore, dust pollution of stone crushing production is a problem that must be solved by each production enterprise. How to effectively reduce the dust pollution of jaw crusher? Here, technical experts from Luoyang Dahua will give you the advice.

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1. Dust spray device

A water spraying device is arranged at the inlet, outlet and crushing chamber, and two water spraying nozzles are arranged at each place. Where, two nozzles at the inlet point to the inlet; the two nozzles at the discharge opening form a certain angle, so that the spray water becomes a cross state to achieve the best spray effect. The nozzle at the crushing chamber is located behind the moving jaw at a horizontal angle.

2. Dust collector

Dust collectors are installed separately at the access port at the back of the moving jaw and the discharging opening to control the diffusion of dust by means of dust collector. The collector cover is about 1 meter away from the outlet. The surface of the collector cover is perpendicular to the direction of dust flow. The connecting air duct between the collector hood and the fan behind moving jaw is designed as a flexible pipe to facilitate refueling of the crushing motor and daily maintenance.

3. Reasonable selection of tooth plate

When choosing the tooth plate, the tooth plate with relatively more teeth and smaller tooth type should be selected to improve the crushing efficiency and reduce the generation of dust.

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4. The tooth plate shall be fixed firmly and reliably

Jaw crusher in the operation process will produce frequent impact load, the frequent impact, extrusion of ore and tooth plate is easy to appear the phenomenon that the fixed tooth plate and jaw plate loose or fall off. Once the tooth plate loosens or falls off, the crushing efficiency of the crusher will be greatly reduced, causing the ore to stay in the crushing chamber for a long time, resulting in a lot of dust caused by the friction between the ore and the tooth plate for many times. Therefore, the tooth plate must be fixed reliably.

5. Replace the dull tooth plate in time

When the tooth plate is dulled, the contact area with the ore will be increased, which will consume a lot of crushing power and lead to the generation of a lot of dust. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the dulled tooth plate in time.

6. Humidify the material

In order to keep the whole set of dust control measures in a relatively stable state, so as to better control the overall dust concentration, in the actual production process, humidifying the raw ore before entering the crusher can effectively reduce the dust rate generated in the crushing process.

In daily crushing operation production, not only should pay attention to the jaw crusher dust control, but also pay attention to the dust control of the entire production line. If there are conditions to improve outdoor work, you can build a plant, add spray system in the plant, or install spay device on the vibrating feeder and screen to reduce dust pollution. Contact us to know more information about the crusher machine and crusher maintenance. Email:

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