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How to fulfill the Maximum Working Efficiency of Jaw Crusher?

author:dahua time:2018-09-03

In order to guarantee the normal and continuous operation of jaw crusher, fully display its production capacity, we should pay attention to the right operation of jaw crusher, take good maintenance and regular inspection. How to fulfill the crusher maximum working efficiency? 


1. Before starting the crusher, should firstly start the oil pump motor and cooling system, and then start the crusher motor after 3-4 mins until the oil pressure and oil meter show normal.


2. If there are abnormal sounds in the crusher, should stop the machine immediately. Restart the machine after troubleshooting.


3. The crusher must be started with no load. After running for a while, if no problem happens start feeding. The materials should be gradually increased until full load operation.


4. Feed the material uniformly, and the maximum feed size should not larger than 0.85 times of feeding opening.


5. During operation process, if the crushing cavity is blocked, stop the machine immediately. Restart the machine until the ores in the crushing cavity are crushed completed.