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How to reduce the Slurry in the Pulp during the Operation of Ball Mill?

author:dahua time:2017-10-18

The problem that there are too many slurry in the pulp, which bothered many people, too much slurry will affect the ball mill grinding efficiency. Luoyang Dahua has rich experience in solving the problem of slurry accumulation; following will briefly introduce the method about how to reduce the slurry during ball mill working condition.


1. Reduce or prevent the slurry generation: it can adopt multi-stage grinding process and phase separation process. The grinding and grading equipment should be selected correctly to improve the working efficiency of classifier.


2. Add the agentia to eliminate the harmful effects of sludge: the common used agetia are sodium silicate, soda, and caustic soda, which can weaken the flocculation cover of the slurry. In order to reduce the harmful effects of the mass adsorption of slurry, it is possible to consider the use of segmental additive method.


3. Deslime the raw ore before flotation. If there is a high content of useful components in the slurry, the removed slurry can be treated separately or take water treatment.