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Improvement of the Sand Making Machine's Production Capacity is of Great Importance

author:dahua time:2018-05-23

Sand making machine plays an important role in stone production and sand making production line. It production capacity directly affects the output of mineral benificiation. The production capacity of sand making machine refers to the crushing amount in the unit time, noramlly is t/h. Therefore, improving the crusher's production capacity is of great importance in mining industry.


Generally speaking, there are many factors that influence the production capacity. Such as the material hardness, the harder the material is, the more difficult to break. This needs us to choose the preoper mateirals. In additionm, mateiral composition, fineness, viscosity and humidity also affect the production capacity.


Therefore, when choose the materials, we should pay atention that the material viscosity cannot be too large and the material cannot contain too much water. To solve the problem, firstly is to control the mateial humidity. If the material humidity is too high, we can use sunsight or air drying method to reduce the water percent.