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Introduction of Mineral Processing

author:dahua time:2018-12-21

Meaning and Purpose

Only high grade ore can be transported into furnace directly, but the amount of high grade ore is little, which can not satisfy the need of metallurgy industry. So it is necessary to process the mineral ore in order to improve the economic index of smelting technology.

Except for the useful minerals in the ore, it also contains gangue and other impurities. Mineral processing can seperate useful ore from impurities, then achieving one or more kind of useful ore.

Final Product

Final product is concentrate and tailings.

Concentrate is useful ore through mineral processing and suitable for smelting processing, the grade should be high. Tailing is a kind of waste product that most of which is gangue with low useful mineral content. In order to make full use of  mineral resource, the tailings grade should be reduced so as to improve the metal recovery rate.

Sometimes in the process of dressing, there is an intermediate product (called middling). In which the quality of useful mineral component and gangue are rich, so middling is an semi-finished product that need to take further processing.

Scale and Service Life of Dressing Plant

The dressing plant can be divided into flotation mill, gravity mill, magnetic separation plant, contain flotation ,gravity ,air separation plant and combined dressing plant according to the ways of mineral processing and the need of customer.
The dressing plant can be divided into ferrous metal dressing plant, nonferrous metal dressing plant, precious & rare metal and other nonmetal dressing plant in accordance with raw material property. No matter what kind of dressing plant is, its scale should be confirmed before planning, then is the factory site, technical process and so on.

Scale of dressing plant is confirmed by the ability of annual processing amount of raw material,take the following table as reference:

   Scale of dressing plant

     Ferrous Metal Dressing Plant

   Nonferrous Metal Dressing Plant





          Large Scale





          Middle Scale





          Small Scale





Service life matches its scale. Large scale should be more than 20 year , middle scale should be more than 15 year, small scale should be more than 10 year.