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Mining Machinery develops continuously comply with the Market Demands

author:dahua time:2017-05-18

The so-called ore beneficiation is to select the useful mineral ore based on the material's physical property and chemical property of the collected mineral raw materials. The implemented mechanical machinery is mining machinery. At present, the mining machinery includes crushing machine, grinding machine, screening machine, and grading machine, etc. Among them, crushing machine plays most important role in ore beneficiation process. With the continuous development, the types of crushing machine increase, such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, and so on. All these equipments are developed for the market demands.


Because of large amount of minerals resources exploitation, the available resources are decreased year by year, and the grade level of mineral resources becomes low day by day, which drive people having high requirements for ore beneficiation machinery. This promotes the mineral machinery develops in the orientation of large-scale, intelligentization, and energy saving as well as environmental friendly. 


Besides meeting the market demand, mining machinery obtains sustaining development. In the future, mining machinery can realize its value in the wide and more applied fields, promoting the state economy and social development. Luoyang Dahua is specialized in manufacturing various kinds of crushing machine, grinding machine, screening machine, and feeding machine as well as the complete set of equipment for cement industry and artificial sand production. For more information, please contact us: