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Operation of Grinding Machine

author:dahua time:2018-10-09

Should strictly abide by rules of operation and maintenance to make the grinding machine get high operation rates and good grinding effects.

Should check whether the connecting bolts are tightened; check fastening condition of gear, shaft coupling and other controls, as well as head of feeder before the grinding machine started.

Should check whether oil is enough in the oil tank and reducer, check the lubrication device and instrument have troubles, and check the pipeline is clear.

Should check whether sundries existed around the grinding machine and classifier, then use the crane plate to turn a circle for loosing the ball charge and ore inside tube, and check the meshing situation between ring gear and small gear, which whether has the abnormal sound.

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The start order is that firstly start the lubricating oil pump of grinding machine, until the oil pressure reached 0.15- 0.20 MPa to be allowed to start the machine, and then start the classifier. When everything is working properly, should start sinter.

Should often pay attention to the bearing temperature and shall not exceed 50-65℃ in the process of running. Should often pay attention to these situations such as motor, voltage, current, temperature, noise and so on. Keep an eye on the lubrication system, oil temperature of tank shall not be more than 35- 40℃, and the pressure of oil tube should be stayed within 0.15-0.20 MPa. Check the lubrication situation of transmission parts such as gears, main bearing and reducer of the classifier, and observe whether the end covers, shell, ore box, taken chute and sand-return chute of classifier are blocked and leaked. Often note the change of ore properties and taking the appropriate measures in time according to the situation.

Should first stop the feeder before the grinding machine stopped, not stop the motor until the mineral processing finished. Finally stop the oil pump. With the help of classifier lifting device to put the spiral out of the sand surface, and then stop the classifier.