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Operation of Hammer Crusher

author:dahua time:2016-09-14

1. Regularly check the wear situation of hammer head. Check whether there is crack on the head, whether there is vibration in head connect position. 

2. The granularity of crushed materials should not larger than the specified max. granularity.

3. Listening the operation sound of hammer crusher. Check whether the hydraulic and lubrication system are normal or not. If found problems, should take measures in time.

4. Check whether the belt and the protect cover of coupling loose or not; check the anchor bolts, if loose tighten them.

5. Check the bearing temperature and sound, pay attention to the machine body vibration. If found abnormal situation, inform the worker to check.

6. During operation, if there is abnormal crushing sound, stop the machine immediately and inform the workers to check.

7. Observe whether there are massive block of materials in the discharge pit, if have, should stop feeding.