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Repair Methods of Jaw Plate

author:dahua time:2017-12-28

The crushing cavity of jaw plate is composed of movable jaw plate and fixed jaw plate. The abrasion of jaw plate may affect the working efficiency of crusher. The detail repair methods are as follows:


1. Sampling of the materials.

Sample each batch of materials. If there is big fluctuation of material property, adjust the main parameter of crusher, such as forceps angle, speed of eccentric shaft, capacity and motor power. Make sure that these parameters match with the materials property to reduce the abrasion of jaw plate.


2. Fasten the jaw plate.

The new installed jaw plate must be fastened and ensure the contact surface between jaw plate and frame (movable, fixed jaw) is smooth. The gear peaks should match with tooth spaces. That is to say the movable jaw plate engage with the fixed jaw plate.


3. Choose the suitable materials for jaw plate.

The jaw plate should choose the materials with enough toughness, in order to resist the fatigue failure caused by impacting. Meantime, adjust the structure of tooth plate to reduce the relative actives of materials. Since the jaw plate is designed of symmetrical arrangement, one side wears out, the user can turn it over and use the other side.