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Safety Operation Regulation of Feeding Machine

author:dahua time:2017-11-13

The feeding machine should be installed at the fixed base according to the specified installation method. In the process of operation, which operating rules should be followed?


                                                                                                   Vibrating Feeder


1. Check the moving parts, belt hasp, and the lading device, whether they are complete or not. The tightening of the belt must be adjusted to the appropriate level before starting.

2. The belt feeder shall be start without load. Feed the materials until the machine running normally.

3. If the belt is off tracking, should stop the machine and adjust it to prevent wearIng the edge and increasing the load.

4. The working temperature and feeding materials' temperature must be between 50℃ and -10℃. It is not allowed to deliver materials with acid-base oil and organic solvents.

5. The feeder motor must with good isolation. The cable on the feeder should not be pulled and dragged.

6. It is strictly forbidden to use the hand to pull the belt when slipping, to prevent the accident from happening.