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Solutions of Lubrication Fault of Cone Crusher

author:dahua time:2017-09-06

Today, we will talk about the solutions of lubrication fault of cone crusher.

High temperature of lubrication oil

1. The cooling fan does not work;

2. The heat dissipation of cooling fan is bad;

3. The inner parts are burnt;

4. Safety valve invalid.

Low lubrication oil flow

1. The oil filter is blocked;

2. The suction capacity of oil pump decrease;

3. The strainer is blocked.

The cleanliness of lubrication oil becomes low

1. The outer dustproof seal ring is worn;

2. Positive pressure blast capacity is insufficient.


Over lubricating

Over lubricating refers to feed the superfluous lubrication oil during working process, and thus resulting in the higher temperature, loud noise, which is a lubricating state to decrease the bearing service life.