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Stone becomes Sand, Finely Crushed and Reshaped

author:dahua1 time:2019-11-29

PLS series vertical impact crusher / sand making machine

With the progress of railways, highways, high-speed railways, buildings and other engineering projects, a large amount of aggregate is needed, which has promoted the development of the machine-made sand industry. Now, many investors are very optimistic about the industry and want to join the industry, but the problem comes. The machined sand is not directly minable like natural sand. The machined sand is made by rough, fine, and Sand shaping and other series of processing are made. What kind of sand making equipment is better for processing stones into machined sand? How much does a sand making equipment cost?

What machine is better for breaking stones into sand?

The stone is made into high-quality sand with good grain shape and stable performance. Here we recommend the PLS series vertical impact crusher / sand making machine. The PLS series sand making machine has a high output and a deep cavity impeller design; the combined throwing head only needs to change the wear part, which can reduce the use cost by 30%; the equipment is wear-resistant and the failure rate is low. There are some following advantages.

Sand making and shaping are performed simultaneously.

The PLS series sand making machine has the function of shaping. It can shape the sand and stone at the same time when making sand, so that the grain size of the sand is uniform and the product shape is good. It can also use the high speed mode of more than 80 meters per second, which is used for re-shaping the coarse sand particles in the sand and aggregate processing industry, so as to optimize the adjustment of the particle size gradation of the finished sand, so that the fineness modulus of the sand can be more small.

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Wide scope of application and wide range of materials

The machine is widely used in a variety of metal and non-metal mines, refractory materials, abrasive ceramic raw materials, building materials and high-speed railway construction, water conservancy and hydropower construction, folk sand and stone aggregate production, etc. , Extremely hard or abrasive materials, such as sandstone, granite, basalt, silicon carbide, silicon carbide, alumina, magnesite, etc. are more superior than other equipment.

Safe and automated operation

The PLS series sand making machine can be equipped with a hanging manual or electric hoist. When the equipment is overhauled and maintained, it can easily lift the machine cover, feed hopper, dispenser, impeller, spindle, etc. and it is convenient and fast; optional configuration is also available thin oil lubrication system and PLC automatic control and monitoring system can timely monitor functions such as feed volume, current, oil temperature, spindle temperature, vibration protection and other functions.

What configuration is required for a sand making equipment?

In addition to the PLS series of sand making machines, the crushing equipment used in the sand making process is also responsible for primary and secondary crushing of large stones. Jaw crushers and cone crushers can be configured to process the stones below 50mm. Convenient for sand machine processing, there is also some supporting equipment: vibrating feeder, vibrating screen, sand washing machine, belt conveyor.