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The Knack of solving the Fault of Iron Ore Dressing Equipment

author:dahua time:2018-02-02

One of the most headachy issue in mineral processing is the mineral processing equipment appear problems. How to prevent the problem of iron ore dressing equipment from happening? There are four problems in the production process need to be noted.


Vibration of frame: 1. The bolts of connecting rack and bearing seats are loose. Solution: Check and fasten the bolts.


Large noise of drive mechanism: 1. Lack of lubrication oil; 2. The bearing distance  is changed. Solution: 1. Add sufficient grease; 2. Adjust the reducer and foundation bolts, and then fastening. 


Less amount of sand washing or sand leakage: 1. The sand mesh is damaged; 2. The fixed bolts of sand mesh fall. Solution: 1. Repair of replace the sand mesh; 2. Fasten the bolts.


Bearing parts: 1. Without oil or the oil seal is damaged; 2. Lack of repair and cleaning for a long time. Solution: 1. Refueling or replacing the sealing ring by rule; 2. Regular maintenance and cleaning.