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The Maintenance of Vertical Impact Crusher

author:dahua1 time:2019-01-28

The cause of the problem:

1. Reliability and sensitivity of pneumatic automatic switch. The starting and stopping of the compound crusher is usually driven by the pneumatic automatic switch (pneumatic relay) directly to the ac contactor for automatic control of the motor. Most pneumatic switches use mechanical structure, the use of spring compression and release energy operation contact. It may be due to the insufficiency or improper adjustment of air pressure automatic switch and the influence of different reasons such as mechanical shock.

2. The mechanical operation and electrical control of the compound crusher are relatively simple (especially for the low-power type). Generally, it is a single unit that works independently and is in the situation without professional operation.

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The solutions:

1. Choose the right type of rotor bearing. Double row centripetal spherical roller bearing has the advantages of strong bearing capacity and good centering performance, so this kind of bearing is often used as the rotor bearing. In addition, the calculation life of the selected bearing should be between 5000 and 10000h.

2. To improve the hand condition of composite crusher bearing. The impact load acting on the bearing depends on the impulse acting on the rotor and the support flexibility of the bearing seat. Increasing the support flexibility of the bearing seat will reduce the impact load on the bearing. For this purpose, we can add between the bearing seat and the support frame

This is appropriate thickness of rubber sheet to improve support flexibility of bearing seat. Because the rubber plate is added, the support flexibility is increased, so that part of the vibration energy is absorbed, the bearing stress is improved, and the purpose of extending the service life is achieved.