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The Measures to control the Noise during the Grinding Process of Ball Mill

author:dahua time:2018-01-25

Many ball mill plants produce a lot of noise in the grinding process of bal mill. So, how to control these noise? The most direct, effective, and economic measure is to reduce the sound resource. Based on the years of experience, Luoyang Dahua summarizes as below:


ball mill


1. Ball mill will generates larger vibration during working process, so the damping measures must be implemented. In this way, there is no obvious vibration at the ground and noise is reduced appropriately.


2. Make a soundproof room at the outside of the ball mill, covering the noise resource inside the room.


3. The ball mill produces a large amount of heat during operation, so the blower must be installed at the proper position.


4. In the actual production and installation process, the soundproof room must be taken technical treatment in details to optimize the sound reduction effect.