Product Knowledge

The Method to prolong the Crusher Service Life

author:dahua time:2017-12-12

Crusher is the key equipment in mining production, so many users pay attention to its service life. If you want to prolong the service life of crusher, the users should modify the index that may influence the equipment output, efficiency, and service life. 


1. Check the source of raw materials. Blasting is the first step in mining activity, and the resulting products are the raw materials for crusher. The quality directly influences the machine's service life and working efficiency. For the massive stone, it needs to take secondary crushing. Therefore, optimize blasting is also the key factor to enhance the machine service life.


2. Correct installation and commissioning of crusher spare parts. During working condition, when the rotational inertia is big, the hammer weight is unequal, so the rotor dynamic balancing is bad, and the rotor and bearing will be damaged. As a consequence, the user should correctly install and test the relative spare parts to make sure the machine working normally.


3. Regularly inspection and good maintenance. Lubrication oil has great influence on the machine, the operator must filling the oil in each point according to the machine actual situation to ensure the normal operation.


4. Reinforce the management of spare parts. For production, spare parts are the foundation and precondition for the machine. During machine management, the proper storage of spare parts is necessary. For example, cambered plate, hammer head and hammer shift etc.