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The Notes of the Crusher at the Run-in Period

author:dahua time:2018-07-10

It is known that after the installation complete, the crusher needs to be tested before put into operation. The new used machine also needs a run-in period to achieve the best production effect. There are three points to be noted during run-in period:


complex crusher


1. The feeding amount of materials should be suitable

The material feeding amount cannot be too much, and it is advisable to take about 80% of the actual production amount. Because at the initial stage, with the reason of the fabrication and assembling of spare parts, the machine surface is rough with the uneven pressure bearing condition and the surface of spare parts are inlaid and rubbed against each other. The overloading operation will accelerate the abrasion of matching-surface of the parts. 


2. Pay attention to the machine lubrication

The clearance between the new used machine is very small, so the lubrication oil is not easy to form an uniform oil film on the fiction surface to reduce the abrasion. It is possible to cause abnormal abrasion and lead to machine fault.


3. To know the machine performance and structure to prevent misoperation

Fully understand the machine performance and structure to reduce the failure caused by operation error. At the beginning of the operation stage, due to the influence of vibration loading, it is easy to loose the originally fastening parts. Therefore, the operator should understand the performance and machine structure before operating the machine to reduce the unnecessary problem caused by improper operation.