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Vietnam's Highway Project Construction

author:dahua time:2018-03-21

It is reported that a feasibility study for a stretch of Vietnam's North-South highway project is being handled. Meanwhile, Vietnam's Quang Ninh Province is setting out plans for the road project for the Ha Long-Cam Pha coastal route and the Van Don-Mong Cai Highway. Construction work for the Ha Long-Cam Pha coastal road is starting in mid-2018 and will help reduce congestion in Cm Pha City.


The construction of highway has high requirement for the aggregates particle size and grading, especially the content of needle plate in basaltic rocks. Therefore the proper crushing equipment with high production quality and good products shape is needed. The PLS vertical impact crusher (sand making machine) adopts advanced technology of crushing and shaping, working with the related crusher forming the complete sand production line. The produced sands are widely used in the highway at home and abroad. For more information, please contact us:


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