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What Crushing Equipment is used for Pebble Sand Making?

author:dahua1 time:2019-10-30

Pebbles, which are the products of the mining yellow sand, are named for their resemblance to goose eggs. As a pure natural stone, pebbles are taken from the sandstone hills produced by the ancient riverbed uplift after the crustal movement thousands of years ago. They are subjected to the impact of mountain flooding and continuous extrusion and friction during the flow of water. Cobblestones are widely used in public buildings, villas, courtyard buildings, paved roads, park rockeries, and bonsai filling materials, garden art and other high-rise superstructures.

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The specific advantages are reflected in the following aspects:

1. The pebbles have high hardness and the hardness of the sand produced is sufficient. It is resistant to pressure, abrasion and corrosion, and is comparable to natural sand.

2. The shape of the grain is good, the sand making machine has its own shaping effect, and the sand is round and round.

3. Grading evenly, can adjust the sand of different specifications, fine adjustment of fineness modulus.

4. Good quality, finished products without cracks, fine lines, in line with national construction sand standards.

Process flow of cobblestone sand production line

The whole process of the cobblestone sand production line is as follows: the pebbles are fed into the jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder at a constant speed, and the jaw crusher coarsely breaks the cobblestone by the distance between the moving jaw and the static shovel. The pebbles are sent to the hydraulic cone crusher by a belt conveyor. The pebbles are further shredded by the change of the distance between the moving cone and the cone of the cone crusher in the crushing chamber. The finely crushed pebbles are screened by the vibrating screen to pass the qualified pebbles. It is sent to the sand washing machine by the conveyor. The unqualified returned hydraulic cone crusher, the fine cobblestone is removed from the sand in the sand washing machine, and then sent to the PLS series sand making machine for grinding. The pebbles pass after grinding. The sieve is sieved, and the unqualified one is returned to the sand making machine for processing. The qualified one is the cobblestone aggregate.

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Equipment and function required for cobblestone sand production line

1. Vibrating feeder: Ensure that the pebbles are sent to the jaw crusher at a constant speed to ensure the working efficiency and crushing quality of the jaw crusher;

2. Jaw Crusher: Jaw Crusher is used for coarse crushing of pebbles;

3. Belt conveyor: belt conveyor for continuous conveying of materials;

4. Cone crusher: finely crush the cobblestone, because the crushed particle size of the jaw crusher cannot directly enter the crushing chamber of the sand making machine for crushing, so the hydraulic cone crusher must be further broken into the acceptable grain size of the sand making machine size;

5. Sand making machine: used to crush the material into the required particle size by the principle of stone or stone, forming cobblestone aggregate.

6. Vibrating screen: Vibrating screen is mainly used for checking the material processed in the previous step. If the material is unqualified, it will be returned to re-processing. Through the control of the discharge particle size, the feed particle size is guaranteed.

7. Sand washing machine: It mainly removes the impurities in the broken cobblestone and improves the quality of the product.