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What are the Factors that affect the Price of Jaw Crusher?

author:dahua1 time:2019-09-06

“Value determines the price” and the crusher is no exception. The direct impact of the jaw crusher price must first be the quality of the crusher, crusher quality is better, the later crusher failure frequency is lower, the need to maintain the number of times is less, the direct economic benefits brought to the user is higher, then the crusher price is naturally higher. But not all, the direct marketing model like Luoyang Dahua ensures that the user will bring more high-quality and affordable crusher equipment, and the price will be relatively low. But as the number of manufacturers in this industry continues to increase, the price of the crusher is also floating. Today, we will analyze the reasons that affect the price of the jaw crusher.

1. With the crusher model

For jaw crushers, there are many different types and models. These types and models are different, so that they have different performances during the production process. Of course, these different performances require different cost inputs. Therefore, for the jaw crusher, the selected models and types are different, so the required cost investment is different;

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2. With the production cost of the crusher

If the price of the jaw crusher is lower, then for the same quality and performance equipment, the price will be relatively lower in the lower price area, and if the price is higher, the production cost will be higher. At that time, the price of the jaw crusher will be higher;

3. With the type of crusher manufacturer

If the jaw crusher is selected by the manufacturer, the manufacturer is a direct-selling manufacturer, then the price will be closer to the ex-factory price, and the cost investment required at this time will be lower, but for the mobile crusher, if the manufacturer is a consignment type, then the cost of the investment will be higher due to the difference in price in the middle;

Of course, another important factor is the supply and demand of the market. With the increasing number of jaw crusher manufacturers on the market, it is bound to intensify the malicious competition among peers. Then the mutual restraint between the peers will have a certain impact on the market price of the crusher. Moreover, the change in the market supply and demand relationship of the crusher will also indirectly affect the price rise and fall of the market breaker.