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What cause the Cone Crusher to be blocked?

author:dahua time:2017-12-20

The proper crushing and processing of rocks is an important part in the deep processing of ore. Cone crusher, as the common used equipment is inevitably to appear various kinds of problems during operation process. Blockage is one of the common faults. In the crushing process, once the crusher is blocked, it will greatly reduce the machine working efficiency, and damage the equipment. So, what cause the cone crusher to be blocked?


1. The stone with high humidity and large granularity. 


2. The feed is too fast and the load is too heavy.


3. The parts become aging, and the sieve mesh is broken.


4. The discharge pipe is blocked.


How to avoid these problems?


1. For the materials with high moisture, it should take drying treatment in advance. When the rock is massive, it's better to use jaw crusher for the primary crushing to avoid the blocking of the crushing of cone crusher.


2. Replace the aging and damaged parts in time. At the same time, noted the matching of discharge pipe and conveyor equipment to ensure the machine's normal work.


3. We should pay attention to the deflection angle of the current meter during cone crusher operation and avoid overloading. Once the abnormal condition occurs, should reduce or close the door immediately, or control the feeding amount through feeder to prevent the blockage from happening.