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What kind of rock crusher is better?

author:dahua1 time:2019-01-04

First, the capacity requirements

The production capacity of the crushed stone sand making machine determines the comprehensive benefits of the production process, so the production capacity is an important reference for the customer to choose the sand making equipment. For the sand making machine, when different types of equipment are used for sand making The production capacity is different, so the size of the production capacity is an effective reference when selecting the type;

Second, requirements for finished products

For crushed stone sand making machines, different types of equipment have different production capacities, but sometimes different types of equipment can meet the same capacity requirements. At this time, it is necessary to select different types of machines with the same capacity. The demand for finished products is an effective reference. How the quality of the finished product determines the application of the finished product in the market. This application determines the profit of the production, so the reference to the finished product is also very important;

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Third, the quality

In the production of crushed stone, if the quality is good, the damage is less and the efficiency is high. Otherwise, the damage is more and the efficiency is low. Therefore, the quality is one of the important references for the purchase of the machine;

Fourth, the energy consumption

The energy consumption is the time when the sand making machine handles the broken stone. For the consumption of electric energy, if the consumption is large, the cost of inputting is large, and if the consumption is small, the input cost is small, so the size of energy consumption is one of the important factors in the selection of the machine.

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