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What should be noted when the Crusher is overhauled?

author:dahua time:2017-09-28

Crusher is widely applied in the industry of mining, coal, metallurgy, chemical industry, construction and transportation. Because the crusher price is very high, the maintenance and inspection is very important. Following Luoyang Dahua will talk about the maintenance attentions:


No matter the crusher is running normally or not, it is necessary to take the regular maintenance and inspection in order to wipe out the potential problems. During inspection process, the machine must be completely shut down for maintenance. Be sure to check the wearing parts when checking the machine. If the wearing parts reach the maximum worn degrees, should be replaced immediately so as to reduce the abrasion of machine cover and extend the machine service life.


Check the temperature of the bearing and the abrasion situation in the process of overhaul, and handle the problem in time. The final inspection aspect is to check whether the lubrication oil is sufficient or not. Long-term lack of lubrication oil will lead the main parts of crusher machine being damaged, and directly affect the machine output or even damage the machine cover. Regular maintenance and inspection can reduce the fault rate, improve the working efficiency, and prolong the service life.