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Which Aspects should be Considered When Develop New Type of Crushing Machine?

author:dahua1 time:2019-07-11

The enterprise should consider the following aspects when develop new types of crushing machine.

(1) Wear rate

Improving the wear rate has been the primary target for each manufacturer. Rotor, liner plate and feeding sleeve are all wearing parts, which need to be replaced frequently. Thus resulting in high economic costs and influencing the production capacity, so as to reduce the enterprise benefits. At present, the way to reduce abrasion is to pouring wear-resistant material on the part surface or use good wear-resistant materials.

(2) Products granularity

Products granularity not only has close relationship with the self characteristic, working parameter and materials properties, but also are limited by the production cost and wear factor. Therefore, should deeply understand the wear mechanism and the interaction relationship of the distribution of material granularity.

(3) Fault analysis and control

Pay attention to the common fault of crushing machine, like abnormal vibration, main shaft break. During designing, we can understand the wear rule of rotor and feeding head through simulating and analyzing the materials flowing and crushing process. With the help of modal analysis of rotor and bearing, this can be effectively and initiatively foresee fault and realize failure control. On the other hand, it can fast and accurately find the fault reason and the fault position.

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