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Why Complex Sand Maker cannot be used for Pebble Crushing?

author:dahua time:2017-02-09

The technology of complex sand maker has been fully mature, the latest application in crushing industry over the last twenty or thirty years has been fully proved its outstanding performance. From ore dressing to sand and stone production, from coal washing to chemical industry, many complex sand makers are been used. This phenomenon also reflects that the complex series crusher has infiltrated into multiple industries. Although its crushing capacity is strong, but the pebble cannot be directly crushed by this crusher.


Complex sand maker is famous for its high crushing output, high crushing fineness and strong application capacity. But in the face of pebble crushing, this series crushing machine shows its weakness. Pebble belongs to the species with high hardness, if you use the complex sand maker for direct crushing, cannot get the good crushing effect, at the same time it will make the machine suffering great damage. Luoyang Dahua recommends the customer can use jaw crusher in the first step, and then using complex crushing in auxiliary.