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Composition of Cone Crusher

author:dahua time:2018-09-20

With the development of mining technology, according to the category, cone crusher includes spring cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, and complex cone crusher. Among them, hydraulic cone crusher is developed by adopting the advanced technology from overseas. It is obviously different from the traditional cone crusher structure in design, and concentrates the main advantages of other types of cone crusher, which is suitable for the fine and ultra-fine crushing of hard rock, mineral, slag, and refractories, etc. 

The structure of cone crusher mainly includes frame, horizontal shaft, dynamic cone, balance wheel, eccentric sleeve, upper crushing wall (fixed cone), lower crushing wall (movable cone), hydraulic coupling, lubrication system and hydraulic system.

1. Hydraulic system

The machine uses hydraulic system to adjust the discharging opening which effectively ensures the machine running safety. When there are foreign matters inside the crushing cavity, hydraulic system can make the movable cone go down automatically. After the foreign matters are discharged, the system automatically reset the movable cone.

2. Crushing cavity

Crushing cavity is the geometric space that formed by movable cone and fixed cone, which is the main technical index for crushing. The shape of crushing cavity has a great influence on the performance of machine.

3. Reliable Sealing

The use of labyrinth seal device replaces the water seal used in the past, preventing dust impurities from entering into the machine body, thus ensuring the cleaning of lubrication oil, extending the service life of sliding bearing and thrust ball bearing, making the machine run reliably.