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How to prevent "Heatstroke" of Crushing Machine in Summer?

author:dahua time:2017-06-05

Because the temperature is high in summer, it is bad for the machine dissipating heat. As a result, the machine temperature is too high in summer to cause fault or shut down. How to prevent "heatstroke" in summer?

1. Check the cooling and fuel system, replacing the aging wire, plug, oil pipe, bolts and fastening the fuel circuit to prevent leakage.

2. The maintenance of the crusher should be taken seriously. Regularly take a complete inspection for maintenance, replace the three filters of motor and engine oil, adjust the V belt, check fan, water tank, engine, and compressor.

3. Clean the grease dirt and dust from the machine body in time, to ensure the good heat dissipation of engine.

4. Replace the appropriate oil viscosity level for the equipment. Normally, the oil viscosity is higher in summer than that in other season. The engine oil and lubrication oil need to be replaced into summer used oil with proper amount. Often check the leakage situation, especially the fuel oil, and supplement in time.