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13 Methods of Cone Crusher Failure Prevention and Treatment

author:dahua1 time:2020-02-27

1. Regularly check the wear of the lining board, the tightness of each fastener, and tighten the bolts or refill the zinc alloy in time.

2. Post operators must respect the marked operating procedures such as the startup and shutdown procedures of the crusher.

3. Install electromagnetic iron remover, metal detector and video surveillance system on the belt conveyor to remove the unbreakable objects in time before entering the crusher.

4. The electric control system is equipped with over-current protection. When the crusher is mixed with crushed objects or overloaded, the motor can automatically stop running to protect it.

5. Regularly check the bevel gear meshing clearance, the matching clearance between the eccentric shaft sleeve and the frame bushing, and timely replace the eccentric shaft sleeve or the frame bushing with excessive wear to ensure that the clearance is within the specified range. If a large amount of dust enters the lubricating oil, causing the oil quality to deteriorate rapidly, the machine should be stopped and inspected to find out the cause and eliminate it.

6. To improve the assembly relationship between the large bevel gear and the eccentric bushing, after assembly, the axis of the large bevel gear of the cone crusher leaves the axis of the eccentric bushing by 2-2.3mm to the thin side.

When the oil quality is poor, the fuel tank should be cleaned and new oil replaced at the same time. When the water supply of the dust-proof device is too large, adjust the water supply in time; when the return pipe is blocked, clean the return pipe in time.

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7. Frequently check the operation of oil pumps, filters, coolers, valves and pipes in the thin oil lubrication station, oil quality and oil pressure and oil temperature of the thin oil lubrication system.

When the oil pump fails, perform maintenance or replace the oil pump in time; when the filter is blocked, clean and replace the filter in time; when the oil pipe and oil circuit are blocked, stop and find the blocking point and deal with it in time; when the cooler leaks, replace the cooler in time ;

When the valve of the oil inlet pipe is not opened to the proper position, adjust it to the appropriate position in time. When the oil return groove on the fan bearing seat or spherical bearing block is blocked, it should be stopped for inspection and the oil return groove and oil return pipe should be cleaned in time.

8. Regularly check the thickness of the thrust discs, and adjust the meshing clearance of the cone and cone wheels of the cone crusher in time to ensure that the clearance is within the specified range.

9. Regularly check the wear of spherical bearing bushes, and replace the spherical bearing bushes with excessive wear in time.

10. Check the drainage of the dustproof device frequently.

11. Check the oil level of the fuel tank. If the amount of oil in the fuel tank decreases and the oil level drops significantly in severe cases, stop the inspection and find out the cause of the fault in time to deal with it accordingly.

Before driving, you must carefully check whether there are ore or foreign matter in the crushing chamber; before starting in winter, use an electric heater to heat up to 15 ℃ before driving, and the oil level is between the specified upper and lower limits;

Start the oil pump, wait until the oil pressure is stable at 0.07-0.13mpa, and the crusher can be started only after the lubricating oil returns to the oil tank in the oil return pipeline. The crusher can be run without abnormal conditions for 10min and start feeding.

12. Pay attention to uniform feeding during the operation of the crusher.

The bottom end of the frame and the flange seal of the transmission shaft are not leaking tightly. You must tighten the bolts or replace the gaskets. There is oil in the water seal and drainage, but the oil temperature rises, and the ball bearing seat or the ball bearing bush should be cleaned in time. Oil tank and oil return pipe, adjust oil quantity, and add lubricating oil after processing.

If there is water in the oil, when the oil level in the fuel tank rises, promptly dispose of it. In severe cases, clean the fuel tank and replace with new oil after treatment.

13. Periodically check the spring tension of the crusher. When the spring tension of the crusher is not enough, stop the spring and tighten the spring according to the specified range.

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