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Three questions about crawler mobile crushing stations

author:dahua1 time:2020-02-26

Tracked mobile crushing station can be divided into four series: sieve head crushing, secondary crushing, three crushing and screening. The head crusher is mainly a jaw crusher and a hammer crusher, which is mainly used to handle large materials over 30 cm. The second crusher is used to process medium-sized materials below 30 cm. The main crushers are mainly cone crushers and reverse crushers. The main machines used for making sand or processing fine aggregates are mainly short-head cone crushers, three-chamber reverse impact crushers and sand making machines. The screening station is a separate series. The number and size of the screens are selected based on the type and output of the user.

First, the advantages of crawler mobile crushing station

(1) The traffic is convenient, it can walk on its own, and it is easy to trailer without adding concrete foundation.

(2) Integrated process equipment for material receiving, crushing and conveying. By optimizing the process, it has excellent crushing performance for rock crushing, aggregate production and open-pit mining. It can be combined into a line through different models. The powerful crushing operation line can complete multiple demand processing operations.

(3) Fuel saving, the fuel saving rate is as high as 25%.

(4) Climbing operations can be performed to meet the crushing requirements of mines, hydropower stations, coal mines and other projects.

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Second, installation and maintenance of crawler mobile crushing station

1. Installation of crawler mobile crushing station equipment

(1) After installation, check whether the bolts of all parts are loose and the main engine compartment door is tight. If so, tighten it.

(2) Configure the power cord and control switch according to the power supply of the device.

(3) After the inspection is completed, carry out no-load test operation, and normal test operation can be performed.

2. Crawler mobile crushing station maintenance

(1) Pay attention to check the wearing degree of wearing parts, and replace wearing parts in time.

(2) If there is an impact sound during the gear rotation, stop the inspection immediately and eliminate it.

(3) Good lubrication has a lot to do with bearing life. It directly affects the service life and operating rate of the machine. Therefore, the injected lubricant must be clean and tight. The main oiling positions of this machine are rotary bearings, roller bearings, all gears, movable bearings, sliding planes.

(4) If the temperature of bearing oil rises, the reason for stopping inspection immediately should be eliminated.

(5) The newly installed wheels are easy to loose and must be checked frequently.

(6) The plane of the chassis of the movable equipment should be dust-removed to prevent the movable bearing from moving on the chassis when the machine encounters indestructible materials, which will cause serious accidents.

Compared with various fixed crushing stations, mobile crushing stations are like a mobile small and medium-sized crushing processing plant, with advanced design, excellent performance, high production efficiency, convenient use and maintenance, economic operating costs, stable and reliable work.

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