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Advantages and Characteristics of Sand Making Machine

author:dahua1 time:2020-01-14

With the advent of the mechanical age and rapid development, human resources have been liberated, and the negative impact of production equipment and equipment quality has been significantly improved. More and more manufacturing companies choose to use machinery and equipment for production. At the same time, the market for machinery and equipment brands is constantly changing. Professional manufacturers have sprung up and their competitiveness has increased. Luoyang Dahua shares the advantages of the sand maker for everyone.

1. Large processing capacity

The optimized deep cavity rotor structure can increase the material throughput by more than 40%, greatly improving the production capacity of the river pebble sand making machine. In addition, the discharge outlet of the river pebble sand making machine has also been specially modified, which can adjust the discharge granularity in a larger range, better meet the needs of customers and the market, and make the market adaptable.

2. The finished particle shape is good

After passing through the river pebble sand making machine, after fine crushing, the finished product has good shape, good quality, fewer pins, and less iron pollution, and is well received by users. In addition, the river pebble sand making equipment is less affected by the moisture of the material and can be used for sand crushing of various ore materials.

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3. Long service life

Compared with other commonly used sand making machines, the new river pebble sand making machine adopts advanced sand making technology at home and abroad, and the production process runs smoothly. At the same time, the optimized design of the impact angle of the crushing cavity of the sand making machine can also reduce the friction between the material and the wearing parts, effectively extending the service life of the cobblestone sand making equipment.

4. Environmental protection

The new river pebble sand making machine vortex chamber uses a unique airflow self-circulation device to reduce the amount of air discharged from the vortex chamber. This not only reduces dust pollution, but also improves the working efficiency of the sand mill.

5. Easy to maintain

Only the traditional third-generation sand making machine has only an observation door at the rear. The difference is that the new river pebble sand making machine not only opens the maintenance observation door on the side, but also uses a hydraulic cover device, which is more conducive to the maintenance and observation of the equipment operation.

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