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How to maintain the Crusher Bearing

author:dahua time:2020-01-13

With the development of construction, metallurgy, cement and other industries, the application market of crusher machine is more and more widely. But ins the use process, many customers will ignore the maintenance of crusher machine, crusher bearing maintenance is one of the key points. Improper operation of crusher will lead to the damage of crusher bearing, resulting in the abnormal operation, and thus affect the service life of crusher machine. How to maintain the crusher bearing? Here, I will provide some maintain skills to prolong the service life of crusher bearing.

crusher machine at customer site

1. When installing a crusher, coat on fixed surface with grease, coat on active surface with thin oil. Especially after the installation of bearing, bearing lubricant must be coated in the outer ring of bearing.

2. Adjust the bearing temperature when use the crusher machine. If the bearing temperature is too high, it will speed up the degree of wear. Therefore, it is invalid that add the lubrication oil into the crusher bearing frequently.

3. Pay attention to the bearing cleaning in daily use. Put the bearing into the water, then brush away the dirt on the surface of the bearing, clean the roller inside the bearing carefully.

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4. Conduct regular check on wear and tear of crusher bearing. Check the wear of eccentric shaft and bearing bush, mandrel and bearing bush. If the top space exceeds 1.5 times of the original mounting space, pad adjustment shall be added; When the space between the cap on the connecting rod head and the eccentric shaft is worn to more than 1.5 times of the fitting space, pad adjustment is also required.

5. If the crusher is in overload operation for a long time, it will seriously damage the bearing, reduce the bearing time. It s no allowed to operate the crusher in over load condition for a long time.

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